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Performance Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Clip

Performance Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Clip

$ 37.95

Performance Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Clip

This professional grade vocal microphone is built for the road and is ideal for all vocal and speech performances. Handling noise is absorbed by the body of the mic, so it is not reproduced by the sound system. This is a great feature for novice performers and presenters who grip the mic like a security blanket. No on/off switch also means performers cannot accidentally turn the mic off.

Confidence is maximized by low feedback, thanks to the unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern. The cardioid mic also minimizes bleed from other instruments to keep your stage mix tight and articulate. While the best sound from a mic comes from getting as close as possible, it can lead to explosive booms that come from hard consonant like "P" and "T". The internal pop filter reduces this forced air by dispersing the flow, so you are not blowing directly into the diaphragm. Includes a heavy-duty mic clip and handsome carry bag.



  • Handheld microphone for vocals
  • Dynamic cardioid for consistent heavy-duty use
  • Low handling noise for rigorous stage use
  • Internal "pop" filter
  • All-metal construction handles the abuse of the road
  • Includes leatherette bag and mic clip

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